It was a good day

This week has and will be a busy week. I have meetings, residencies, a final project plus all of the usual.

Highlights of the day included:                                                                                                        
  • Receiving my stipend check for an extra project I am doing through my museum internship. This check is a nice chunk of change and my bank account was more than happy to chomp down on it. I'll talk all about my internship at another time.
  • Getting a little boost on my shmoosing/making connections goal after have a very informative chat with some of my superiors at my internship. I also emailed a contact about volunteering for the Noguchi Museum in Queens. Another way to do what I like while meeting people who could be useful and nice. Fingers crossed it works out!
  • Finally sorting out my references for a job I've been after. For some reason some of my references who agreed to be my reference did not answer or call the dern job back! Anyways, it's all sorted out and I think I got it. It's a simple but good paying office job at my good ol' alma mater that will help pay the bills why I work my way into an art career.
  • Eating potato wedges. Yes this is among the highlights of my day because potato wedges are delicious and I ate some today.

In other news it has been a rainy and humid day in NYC and being the genius that I am, I decided to walk across central park. For my brilliant idea I was given the reward of having my hair curl up to a Micheal Jackson a la 1980's jheri curl (go ahead google that), and no I didn't not pull it off. My hair looked wet, heavy, and just gross.


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