Disappointing Yoga session

So this past week I went to a hot yoga class with Yoga to the People. All of the classes I've taken there have been great....... except the one I just took.

The classes started off alright, the teacher was a bit hard to understand because she mumbled all her words and talked really fast which was annoying, but I dealt. Then the music changes from calming music to rap, not an ideal genre for yoga. Then the teacher decided to just kind of make it a free style class where you do what you want. At that point I had enough of her because :

1. I take a yoga class so that someone who KNOWS about yoga and how to do poses can teach me, not for me to just make stuff up.
2. I go to yoga for a workout but also to DE-STRESS, Jay-Z does not making calming and relaxing music so no I do not want to hear him.
3. If I don't know what the heck the teacher is saying it's going to make this damn yoga class more stressful because I spend half the time looking around trying to figure out what the heck is going on and everyone else seemed to be just as confused as me.

By the end of the class I wanted to push the yoga teacher on the floor. If she is teaching the next class I go to take then I am turning back around and getting the heck out of there. Yoga should not make you angry.



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